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New entrants to the trucking industry, high school leavers and job seekers mainly, have never had it so good. Never has there been a better opportunity for them to fully sustain themselves with worthwhile full time work. They have a foot in the door if they are already in possession of a Class A driving license. They can go online and immediately start looking for fulltime job opportunities. These job listings are refreshed regularly because there are plenty of givers and takers in the trucking industry today.

At the time of writing this informative article on the trucking industry, average annual incomes for truck drivers were hovering around the forty thousand mark. Given the required skills and endurance, it does seem unsatisfactory at this time. But what is to hold a truck driving enthusiast back? Young truck drivers can follow the example of enterprising seasoned campaigners by going it alone as sole operators making around two hundred thousand dollars a year.

So you see, not only are there job opportunities for young high school leavers, there are also business opportunities. Latest trucking industry stats suggest that there are currently over three million truck drivers employed. Unlike the past, there is no longer discrimination or job restrictions in terms of race, class or sex. Those with a layman’s view of the trucking industry might recall nostalgic scenes from road trip movies where truckers love to pull their loud hooters and stay in touch with their compadres on their radio hams.

That’s still very much the case today, but today we have social media networks and the internet. This is where all stakeholders in the trucking industry meet and greet and keep in touch. They stay interconnected, in other words. While there are opportunities for young entrants to enjoy free training, wise advice suggests that they spare no expense in equipping themselves with the most qualified advanced driving instruction to become fully skilled for navigating interstate roads in heavy duty trucks. This is a responsible job not to be sneered at. 

But free tuition is still possible. There are companies online that will offer new recruits free training. There are also those companies who are more than willing to sponsor new recruits’ tuition provided that the truck driving schools they attend are fully accredited. Like we said, this is a responsible profession that is taken seriously by both drivers and company owners. Such valuable information and all other industry specific news is captured and published regularly by editors and news organizations across the country.


A CDL will be obtained from accredited schools. Stats also show that graduates from these schools are eighty percent less likely to be embroiled in road trucking accidents. Through the social media networks and online news organizations, interested job seekers can read reviews of the reputable schools. Like those men already on the roads, there is nothing more that the teachers would like to see than new members in the trucking family.